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Testimonials: These are just a handful of students that have benefited enormously from tuition at Young Einstein. We are proud of each and every one for achieving  their targets and goals. Some of our ex-students like Megan, Jay and Zara have come back to do voluntary work with us. They are great ambassadors for Young Einstein and illustrate the friendly and caring manner in which we support and nurture our students

Mrs Wilkinson (11+)

‘You will be pleased to know that Jessica passed her 11+ exams and has been offered a place at King Edwards, Camp Hill.’

Anita O’Sullivan

‘My daughter is the youngest in her school year with a late August birthday.  In year 2 this was evident and she really struggled with numeracy and literacy.  I enrolled her into Young Einsteins and after her first night she said “mom I’m buzzing”.  By the end of year 2 she achieved level 3 in her SATS and is now thriving in Year 3.  I am very pleased and proud of her progress which is in no small part with thanks to Young Einsteins.’

Ms Sam Forsyth

Their classes are small and well structured with lots of help and support available.All of the children seem happy and keen to return every week. I would certainly recommend their classes’

Megan O’Connor

(Who later becomes the manager at Solihull)

‘I was a level 5b. Soon after I started here my levels shot up to a level 7a’


(Later became a teaching assistant in Solihull)

‘I did Maths, English and Science. In my GCSE’s I got 4 A’s and 8 B’s. I came back here to do some voluntary work. I think the teachers are really friendly and the students really enthusiastic’.

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